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sophie milkins
sophie milkins

Sophie Milkins wearing Ruby by Sassi Holford

The perfect wedding, something every girl dreams of from a young age, the handsome prince, the church and most importantly the big white dress, right?? Wong!! Not this girl. Weddings, especially my own, aren't something I was ever really "into". In the past 4 years I'd seen not only both my older sister get married, but my mother too, and I was sure that it was something that I'd never do. How wrong was I?? I met the love of my life and when he proposed I could see it, the wedding, my happily ever after. The one thing I could not picture was my dress. I had heard nothing but fantastic reviews about White Brides in Narberth, so they were top of my list of wedding shops to visit, and luckily for me, they had an appointment available pretty quickly.

We didn't leave ourselves much time for preparation, from the day my man got down on one knee, to the day we became husband and wife was a mere 13 weeks, so it really was all systems go!! The day of my first appointment arrives. Excited? Nope. Intrigued? Nope. Big ball of scared?? Hell yes. I walk in, Sally introduces herself and she instantly picked up on my anxiety, and did all she could to put me at ease. Asked me all about myself, my fiancée, and asked me what I wanted in a dress, well, as I mentioned earlier, I didn't have a clue. Well, that's not strictly true, I knew what I didn't want!!

Anyway, I'm pretty much a blank canvas for Sally to work with. She talked me through every single collection in her wonderful shop, then looks me up and down and starts pulling dresses out talking me through every choice she made and why it would suit me. I stood there, trembling at the prospect of putting any of them on, but Sally reassured me that I wasn't the only bride to be like this, again, trying to calm my nerves. Into the fitting room we go, I get undressed and take a deep breathe, Sally handed me a dress that she thought I'd like and helped me put it on, remember now, this was the first one I'd ever tried on, it was perfect. I burst into tears. Little old me, in this wonderful dress, looking nothing short of a princess. Out of the fitting room I go to parade in front of my mother, sister and bridesmaid, and sure enough they burst into tears too. I'd heard of women finding a dress, "the one" but I never actually believed them, until Sally put me in this dress.

sophie milkins

sophie milkins

Now I'm not silly, you can't just buy the first dress you try, so Sally helped me try on an abundance of others, each one suiting my figure just as she had said they would, but none of them matching up to the pure beauty of the first dress I tried on. So it was decided, I would be wearing Ruby by Sassi Holford on my wedding day. Now as I said, the schedule was tight, but Sally reassured me that contrary to popular belief, a dress can be made in less than 6 months, and mine would arrive 3 weeks before my big day.

The wedding is fast approaching, I have a million things still to do, one night I have a dream (yes I know I sound like I'm crazy now) that my dress wasn't ready, it didn't fit, it wasn't right, so as soon as I woke up I sent Sally a message, where was my dress, would it arrive on time, would it fit properly?? Within the hour I had Sally's word that she'd chase the dressmaker and track its progress, and sure enough by the next day I had an approximate date it would arrive, once again Sally had delivered!!

sophie milkins

The message came through, 4 weeks before the wedding, my gown had arrived and Sally promised me it was as stunning as we had hoped, I was thrilled and could not wait to try it on. I turned up for the fitting a bit of an emotional wreck (again) but Sally was right, my dress was everything I'd hoped it would be, and so much more. I honestly never expected to feel that way about a wedding dress, overwhelmed is an understatement. I start prancing around for my mother to see, Sally pinned my dress up to the correct length and I was sure it was perfect, but alas Sally had other ideas...

She nipped out, I didn't have a clue what was going on, on her return she started fussing about underneath my skirt, she had added a hoop to my dress. A hoop I hear you cry, how very old fashioned, that would have been my exact thought which was Sally's reasoning behind not telling me what she was doing.

Never underestimate this lady, even though I didn't think it was possible, my dress was even more perfect. So, only a week and a half later my dress was ready, a final fitting and a final little cry and I was good to go. When the big day came I felt perfect, like a real princess (even my dad cried when he saw how awesome I looked!!) and the person I have to thank is Sally from White Brides. From the clueless nervous wreck, through my bridezilla phase, right through to the big day, she was there every step, making me feel at ease, confident in my choice and most of all, she made me feel special. There are not enough words to thank them, and I can't imagine having had the same experience anywhere else.

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sophie milkins