Charlie Brear

Charlie Brear had been a stylist for 10 years when she was required to source a plethora of vintage wedding dresses for a shoot. On selling the dresses afterwards, she was surprised at how popular they were — and that light bulb moment inspired her to found The Vintage Wedding Dress Company in 2005.

Spurred on by the growing interest in these original vintage pieces, Brear designed a capsule collection of made to order gowns. This collection used the details and accents of decades gone by to offer a contemporary take on vintage glamour. It’s success in house led to the first full collection selling to market in 2010.

Although an affinity for vintage style resonates throughout her work, a strong contemporary aesthetic ensures that, as Kay Barron - Fashion features Director at Net-a-Porter - notes; 'Brear’s offerings are both directional and instinctively feminine, giving a couture spin on the everyday while never compromising on what that day could become.'

Charlie Brear collections of Ready-to-wear, Bridal and Additions are designed and produced entirely in the UK, using a diverse range of hand selected fabrics and trims.

Prices are from £1295-£3000.