We got married September 26th 2015 in Tenby. I went to white bride very nervous, and instantly Sally put all my anxieties at ease. I had a price range and before I got to the store she had some truly beautiful gowns lined up for me. Again I looked at them and I didn’t know where to begin, I’m not the girliest of girls and was completely out of my comfort zone. Sally picked the first gown and said “let’s start with this one...” the feeling I got stepping into my beautiful gown is one I will never be able to explain most brides will say you instantly know the ONE. I cried and when I stepped out the changing room of your beautiful boutique my mum shared tears with me. No gown after that felt the same! I was comparing everything back to my “one”. I will be forever grateful to Sally, she made a task I thought was going to my hardest, one of the easiest most pleasant experiences of the wedding planning journey. She has an incredible talent and just knows by looking at a person, what style suits! I highly recommend an experience with White Bride, with any Bride to be.