Meet Sally’s Team

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Helen has been working with Sally for 5 years and is a seamstress genius.

Helen studied fashion at The Royal College of Art and has been creating masterpieces ever since, she makes sure every gown fits to perfection in our sewing room at White Bride.

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Jess joined White Bride back in 2015 and is totally obsessed with all things bridal. She is inspired with brides, making them feel at ease and is amazing at helping them find the perfect gown. She is also our social media wiz, created this fabulous new website and in charge of Instagram and Facebook too!

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Mary joined the team in 2017 having been a White Bride back in 2009 (She was Sally’s first ever appointment back when she opened in 2008!) Mary is passionate about bridal and is kind and thoughtful with brides helping them find “The One”